An important message from the president of MAI

Hi Everyone;

As we kick off Monhegan Associates’ (MAI) new fiscal year and our summer season, I wanted to signal my intention to step down as President of Monhegan Associates on August 17, 2018, the presumed date of our 2018 Annual Meeting. While I fully understand that my continued tenure to that date is subject to Trustee concurrence, I believe this 15-month time frame would allow MAI to thoughtfully determine a successor and provide a smooth transfer of duties.

I remain firmly committed to helping MAI continue to fulfill all elements of its mission, both now and in the future. That said, I believe it is healthy for every organization to periodically change its “voice” and, as outlined below, MAI has a solid transition process to choose its next President. I look forward to seeing many of you soon and continuing to work with all of you on our upcoming activities!


Glenn Burdick

To the Members of Monhegan Associates, Inc.,

After 9 years leading as President of MAI, Glenn Burdick recently announced to the MAI Nominating Committee and the MAI Trustees his desire to transition out of that role in a way that well suits MAI and the incoming leadership. The Nominating Committee has recommended to the trustees a structure for transitioning to a new president, proposing that Glenn serve as president for one more year (August 2017-August, 2018) and that the committee identify a 2018 presidential candidate this summer who would shadow Glenn through August, 2018 to learn the ropes in advance of stepping into the role. The MAI Trustees indicated support of this path forward at their June 25th meeting.

In accordance with this plan, the Nominating Committee welcomes and is eager to hear individually from any trustee, officer, committee member or other MAI member who has suggestions for candidates who might be qualified, able, and willing to serve as the next MAI president. Suggestions should be in writing and include an explanation of why you feel the person named would be well-suited to the position. Please send your suggestions by July 15 to: Jes Stevens at or P.O. Box 326, Monhegan, ME 04852.


Jes Stevens (Chairman), Fred Faller, Bruce Kerns & Ben Odom
MAI Nominating Committee

Logo Contest extension

The Monhegan Associates is re-opening its Logo Design Contest for submissions!  Thank you to all those who have already submitted designs, your work is still up for consideration! The extended deadline is now October 31st.  Please send submissions to Contest rules are HERE.

Enter a contest to design a new logo for MAI!!

The Monhegan Associates invites you to submit a design to our Logo Contest!  The artist with the winning design will receive a $75 Gift Certificate to the island business of their choice.  The deadline to submit is July 31, 2016. Contest rules are HERE.

(NOTE:  *Correction:  Please send your logo submissions to  My apologies for any inconvenience that this error may have caused.  I’m looking forward to reviewing your designs!

-Willow Bates)