The Trail Map

The map is presented as information to those off-island who want to get an idea of the “lay of the land” before coming out. The Trail Map is available for a nominal cost from the boat ticket booths of the Monhegan Boat, the Hardy Boat, and the Balmy Days, and at various shops and trail-boxes around the villages, please pick up the “real thing” as you arrive.

The 2016 Trail map

About our Trails:

Monhegan trails are narrow, rugged, and rocky with wet areas, exposed tree roots, steep climbs, sheer drops and dense growth. Use this map to plan your route according to your ability. Wear appropriate footwear, carry sufficient water, use insect repellent, and hike with a friend.


  • Be alert for poison ivy
  • Stay well above the high tide line and black rocks on the headlands side of the island, between Green Point and Lobster Cove. Do not swim, wade, or scuba dive in these areas. Tidal currents and undertow make rescue impossible.
  • Please note: The Trustees of Monhegan Associates approved a no-drone policy on or above MAI land as a matter of safety and privacy.

Trails on the map are indicated by number, name, and level of difficulty, and marked at each end and at junctions with white trail numbers on small green blocks of wood on trees. Trails crossing ledges are also marked with cairns (small stacks of stones). Please do not disturb or build cairns.