Ecology Lecture Series


7/14/22: The Poetry of Bird Migration                     

Inspired by years of birding on Monhegan, a scientist and a poet join forces to present a mixed-media presentation of ecology, poetry, photographs and anecdotes. 

Charles Duncan taught chemistry at the University of Maine at Machias for many years until he change careers to work internationally on the conservation of migratory birds. Charles co-authored the his dear friend Peter Vickery’s magnum opus, The Birds of Maine. 

Kristen Lindquist is a poet, freelance writer and naturalist who has spent many years birding on Monhegan. Her poetry collection, Transportation, was a Maine Literary Award finalist

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7/21/22: The Butterflies of Monhegan

About 50 butterfly species have been sighted on Monhegan. An experienced butterfly researcher will describe patterns in the geographic distribution of butterflies, show species found on the island, and describe how Monhegan’s butterfly fauna is changing over time.

Ernest Williams, William R. Kenan Professor Emeritus of Biology at Hamilton College, is the author of The Nature Handbook (2005, Oxford Univ. Press), a guide to observable patterns in nature.

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8/4/22: The Monhegan Wildlands: Artists, Ecologists & the Resilience of a Maine Island   

A rich mix of painting, photography, historical documentation and scientific inquiry makes up a portrait of the Monhegan wildlands over the last century and a half. This presentation is the outline of a research project leading to an exhibition at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art (2024-2025) and the Monhegan Museum of Art and History (2025).

Barry Logan is the Samuel S. Butcher Professor Natural Sciences, Biology Department, Bowdoin College
Frank Goodyear has been the co-director of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art since 2013.

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8/11/22:  Hidden Fungal Networks in the Forests of Monhegan
The wonders of the complex, underground communication network of mushrooms will be presented by a research ecologist who has spent years observing fungi in the Monhegan forest.

Erik Lilleskov, , scientist and adventurer, is the Research Ecologist and Acting Project Leader, U.S. Forest Service and an adjunct professor at Michigan Tech.

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