Monhegan Associates Inc. spends its time and resources each year on conservation and land maintenance projects. Our annual budget of roughly $75,000 supports our wildlands-based and community-based efforts, including:

  • Protecting the natural character of the Island’s wildlands
  • Maintaining and rehabilitating over 9 miles of trails.
    • clearing of forest blowdowns, removing trash and general trail cleanup
    • maintaining bridges and stepping stones and controlling erosion
    • collecting and recording information on flora and fauna and controlling of
      poison ivy
  • Developing consistent and detailed policies for land use and protection
  • Overseeing Fire and safety initiatives related to the Wildlands
  • Paying property taxes
  • Acquiring other undeveloped land that should be protected as part of our sanctuary.

We accomplish all of this, and more, with the ongoing help of one part-time Wildlands Coordinator, who also leads a paid Forest Stewardship Crew, plus the substantial efforts of volunteers. The Graphs below give us a snapshot from 2023, but we expect this to remain fairly consistent moving forward.

As highlighted in the graphics above, over 70% of our annual budget funds the Monhegan-based staffing and resources necessary to keep the Island in its natural state, plus paying our share of community property taxes to Monhegan Plantation. 

Our annual operating budget is supported largely through membership dues and other voluntary donations. Other revenue includes foundation grants, sale of ancillary items (such as trail maps and nature guides), and educational and fundraising events, when possible. 

A Plan for the Future

MAI has operated for almost 70 years and has many accomplishments for which we are proud. Since Theodore Edison gathered Monhegan landowners and established the land trust in 1954, we have acquired, protected, and maintained nearly 400 acres of the island wildlands that are open for the enjoyment of Monhegan Island residents and visitors. 

Through the continued annual support of our 350+ members and many visitors, we have been able to fulfill our mission-centric activities each year. However, we do not want the future of Monhegan Associates to be affected by changes in the US economy by unforeseen economic events. Through increased planned giving, as well as continued annual support, our goal is to secure our long term sustainability for generations to come.