Monhegan is a small island ten miles off the coast of Maine. It has long been a destination for artists, birders, nature lovers, and tourists. It is also the home of a small but thriving year-round fishing community. Founded in 1954, the Monhegan Associates Inc. is a private nonprofit land trust dedicated to the preservation of nearly 400 acres of undeveloped land on Monhegan Island.  This land includes many miles of rugged hiking trails, open to the public free of charge.  The organization is presided over by a board of trustees, led by current president Fred Faller and vice president Nan Nelson. Our twelve trustees are elected by the membership, each serving a three-year term. Various committees focus on such areas of interest as Ecology, Trail Maintenance, Fundraising, and Land Acquisition among others.  In recent years a Forestry Management Crew has been established to improve and maintain trails and manually manage invasive plant species.  In our efforts we strive to use non-disruptive practices and work symbiotically with the year-round island community.

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