Linda S. Rae, Membership Chair

P.O. Box 145

Cross River, NY 10518

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Many people do not realize it takes approximately $70,000 per year to maintain the wildlands of Monhegan in their current state and keep these lands accessible to the public at no cost.  For example, The Monhegan Associates Inc. pays a substantial amount of money in lieu of property tax each year to the Monhegan Plantation.  We are one of the only nonprofit private land owners in the region to support the community in this way. 

Other ways donated finds are put to use:

  • wages for work carried out by our on island Wildlands Coordinator and Forestry Management crew 
  • tools and materials needed for trail maintenance and rehabilitation 
  • mapping of invasive species on land being stewarded by the Monhegan Associates 
  • hiring experts from off island to assess trail conditions, train islanders in trail rehabilitation techniques, oversee individual project planning, and access the current state of both native and non-native plant species