Community Engagement

ECOLOGY LECTURES have a long history on Monhegan. Each year three or four talks are given in July and August, in the Schoolhouse, usually to overflow crowds.  Traditionally all presentations are $10 for non-Monhegan Associates members, free for members and for children under 12. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic the lecture series was put on hold for the summer of 2020. The Ecology Lecture Series will return in 2021 using a new online format.

Click HERE for information about the 2021 Ecology Lecture Series speakers.

THE ISLAND FARM is a project of island residents, on land around the village that once had been cultivated. The Monhegan Associates supports their efforts by making available to them land with space for greenhouses and vegetable gardens along the edge of the Meadow.  This summer they will be selling their produce directly to the Monhegan Store.  To learn more about The Island Farm HERE.