After taking a break last summer due COVID-19 concerns, we are pleased to announce that the MAI Summer Ecology Lecture Series will be returning and offerred virtually this summer. More information about how to attend will be provided a few weeks before each talk.

  • 7/7/2021  William Livingston – Dr. Livingston hails from the University of Maine, where he has served as Associate Director for Undergraduate Education and Associate Professor of Forest Resources.  He has been to the island before to survey our forest a number of years ago.  He will return to the island in June to walk the forests to examine and assess our wildlands.. In his talk he will share his observations.
  • 7/21/2021-  Nathaniel Wheelwright will talk about being a naturalist in the digital age. He has worked at Bowdoin College as a Professor of Natural Sciences in the Bowdoin Biology department. He is also the author, along with Bernd Heinrich, of The Naturalist’s Notebook
  • 8/4/2021 – Whitney King is a faculty member of Colby College. he has conducted research on Allen Island and will be discussing that work. Allen Island is one of the George’s Islands that you pass on the right on our way down from Port Clyde on the Monhegan boat line.
  • 8/18/2021 – Sarah Redmond the founder of Springtide Seaweed which is devoted to seaweed aquaculture. Her company grows organic seaweed as well as consults on seaweed farming technology and products.