Recent History

As the years went by Monhegan Associates became more than just a trust to preserve the “wild lands” from encroaching civilization.  Over time more land was donated and bought by the Associates, until today roughly 3/4 of the island is owned and protected by the Associates. Following Ted Edison’s lead, the Associates have always paid local taxes. Our charge is to maintain these lands and their trails – but also to support researchers who are interested in our unusual ecology, provide educational lectures, trail walks, and children’s programs, and support the local community in any way that is congruent with our mission.

As an organization, associate membership was extended to non-landowners in 1961. Today members consist of year-round residents, summer residents, casual day-trippers –  all who love Monhegan and work to protect it are welcome to join. Full members, who own land or have served on the Board, vote each year on the Officers and Trustees, who represent land-owners and long-time “renters”, summer people and year-round residents.

Although always recognized as a non-profit in the State of Maine, in the year 2009 we became recognized as a 501 (c) (3) organization, and donations to us are fully tax-deductible.