Burdick letter 2013

This is the text of Glenn Burdick’s letter in the spring Membership mailing, March, 2013. All the contents here. Password is MAI.

 Dear Fellow Members of Monhegan Associates:

I hope that this note finds you well and, at least in the Northeast, putting the February snow in your rear view mirror.  Richard Farrell reported yesterday that Monhegan has also experienced its snowiest winter in several years, but Spring will soon be upon us!

Attached is a packet of materials from our Secretary, Clare Durst, including the Monhegan Associates, Inc (MAI) minutes from the 2012 Annual Meetings of both the Members and the Trustees. To help defray mailing expenses, the Member’s minutes are in summary form; please let Clare know if you would like the “long form” version. By way of update, I am pleased to report that the Community Gardens effort led by Kathie Ianicelli continues to blossom, with the MAI meadow land remaining a key component of this important (and tasty) sustainability initiative. Further, the Ecology Committee once again has lined up an interesting lecture series for the summer season, including talks on mushrooms, the forest, birds, and whales. For more details on this and other events, I would refer you to our website (www.monheganassociates.org), where you will can also access the wonderful Winter outreach piece that Dede Little has recently distributed. Finally, our 2012 Summer Internship initiative with Lillian Harris and Sam Burdette was of tremendous benefit to the implementation of our summer activities, and Lillian Harris is already at work putting the finishing touches on the Nature Guide that she previewed at the Annual Meeting!

This packet also includes biographical information on the Nominating Committee’s recommendations for Trustees for three year terms starting the night of our Annual meeting. (Friday, August 16) This year the Nominating Committee decided to present five candidates they have vetted, thereby providing the membership with greater choice for the four available positions. I urge you to review the materials and, as you feel appropriate, reach out to the candidates to learn more about their viewpoints.  Ballots will be sent to Full Members at the end of June.

MAI’s financial ability to perform its mission-centric activities is a continual challenge, so thanks for remaining as generous as possible in supporting the organization. Clare tells me that the 2014 edition of our calendar will be (if possible) even grander, and you will soon be hearing more about our Summer Fundraiser event, which will be held again on the Influence lawn on Saturday, July 13th!! One final plea; as we continue marching towards less paper and more electronic communication, we would appreciate you confirming your email address by to clare at membership@monheganassociates.org. Many thanks for helping to keep Monhegan and its “Wild Lands” a very special place.


Glenn Burdick