Monhegan Associates (MAI) Summer Intern

Monhegan Associates Inc (MAI), a non-profit organization formed in 1954, seeks a personable, diligent individual willing to advance the MAI mission of perpetuating the ecology, understanding and enjoyment of Monhegan’s Wild Lands while simultaneously supporting the simple, friendly way of life of the Monhegan community.  Job functions will be finalized upon actual retention of the Intern but are anticipated to focus upon many of the elements below:

  1. Education and Outreach.
  1. Organize and lead minimum of one scheduled nature walk per week for interested parties
  2. Serve as information/greeting resource at MAI information kiosk/garden cart at mid day. Maintain log of comments and interested parties. (anticipated to be up to 90 minutes per day, five days/week including some weekends).
  3. Support MAI Children’s program as appropriate, possibly including special nature walks
  4. Support lecture series (scheduled during four nights) and other MAI events as appropriate.
  5. Handle periodic distribution of MAI materials (event notices, Outreach memos, etc) to Monhegan hotels and businesses.
  • Trail access and enjoyment.
  1. Lead minimum of one trail walk per week on trail of interest.
  2. Support trail maintenance as assigned, including Friday morning trail maintenance gatherings.
  3. Co-ordinate effective implementation of MAI “Adopt a Trail” program
  4. Maintain inventory/access to MAI tool shed.
  • Research (as time and resources permit).
  1. Centralize all Island research that has been conducted by visiting scientists on the topics of:
  1. Invasive species management. Note; has a lot of ins and outs that should be looked at. For example, how we go about most effectively managing the spread of invasives?
  2. Use of a various herbicides.

Format of employment: Independent contractor working on an hourly basis. At MAI’s discretion, the tasks described above may be performed by one or more individuals

Anticipated work period: July and August, 2012. Requisite training to provide information regarding Monhegan Associates, Monhegan Island and anticipated Nature Walks will be provided upon retention.

Anticipated time commitment: 200-300 hours; representing 20-30 hours per week

Compensation: $20/hour

Send expressions of interest and qualifications to:

info@monhegan  attention Clare Durst, Secretary

Copy to: Glenn Burdick, President: Monhegan Associates;