“To preserve for posterity the natural wild beauty, biotic communities, and desirable natural, artificial, and historic features of the so-called “wild-lands” portions of Monhegan Island, Maine, and its environs, as well as the simple, friendly way of life that has existed on Monhegan as a whole.” By-laws and Certificate of Organization of Monhegan Associates, Inc. Oct. 2008

The Monhegan Associates divides its stewardship efforts into three categories:

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Information gathering: We regularly work with scientists to assess the health of the wildlands. Maintaining relationships with foresters and researchers from off island is one way that we continually monitor the well-being of our forest and coastline. In addition, we frequently offer the use of our lands to large-scale research projects being carried out along the Maine coast including studies on bats, birds, and other migratory species.

Invasive Species Control: While our mission is largely to let nature run its course, we have made the decision to intervene in cases where invasive plant species have threatened to take over native species. With the help of volunteers we are targeting our work in areas where the greatest threat to our native biodiversity exists.

Community Building: Among our primary concerns is the sustainability of the island community. We value the interdependent relationship we have with the island’s human population and work to forge healthy connections between our work and what is best for the community. In recent years, our donation of land for use by the Island Farm is one way we have been able to contribute to the island economy in a meaningful way.