The Trails

Around 9 miles of trails fan out from the village, through the “wild lands” and along the perimeter, scaling cliffs that are the highest in Maine. Some of the trails, marked on the Trail Map, are suitable for families with small children or people with limited time or physical prowess; others are considerably more challenging. Wheels of any sort are not allowed beyond the fire trails.

Monhegan trails are narrow, rugged, and rocky with wet areas, exposed tree roots, steep climbs, sheer drops, and dense growth. Use this map to plan your route according to your ability. Wear appropriate footwear, carry sufficient water, use insect repellent and hike with a friend. Further, the sea and surf add meaning to Monhegan’s “Wild Lands”, both in terms of beauty and danger. Please use utmost caution and always keep a bulwark between you and the sea.

There are no “comfort stations” or garbage disposals on the trails, so plan accordingly. More info…