Combating Invasives

Over the past several decades, invasive plants have been spreading throughout Monhegan. Over time, several invasive plants have managed to take hold in wild areas of the island and are threatening to outcompete native plants. Although the general policy of the Monhegan Associates is not to interfere with the natural processes that occur in the Monhegan wildlands, action has been taken in recent years to control the spread of invasive plants, as they are considered a threat to the health of the island’s ecosystems.

HERE’s a good explanation of why this is so important.

Some of the “wildflowers” you see growing on Monhegan are considered to be “invasives” – and if we don’t combat them they will take over large areas of the wildlands, crowding out other varieties.  Here are some of them: (note: all these links will open a new window!)

Oriental Bittersweet 
Purple Loosestrife
Japanese Barberry
Black Swallowwort 
Himalayan Balsam 
Bush Honeysuckles 
Japanese Knotweed
Multiflora Rose
Garlic Mustard

IPANE (Invasive Plant Atlas of New England) is a great resource for people wanting to learn more about the invasive plant issue, as is The Invasive Species Network and the IMap invasives website