Bryan Pfeiffer on-island this fall

Greetings, Monhegan Associates trustees, committee members, and friends:
As many of you know, I’m on the island every fall with a butterfly net discovering more about Monhegan’s biodiversity, and tagging Monarchs in the interest of conservation. This fall, starting in earnest on Friday, a few colleagues and I hope to tag more than 200 Monarchs on the island. It means that you’ll be seeing a few of us netting Monarchs — notably at Lobster Cove, at hotspots on the eastern side, and along roadsides. I’m particularly interested in the fate of late-season Monarchs along the New England coast; this tagging will help us learn.
For the most part, our efforts are welcomed by islanders and visitors. But as I understand it, on a few occasions, a Monarch tagger has been reprimanded in no uncertain terms about catching butterflies on the island. To be sure, none of us have any intention to visit private property for this work without permission. But this activity is perfectly legal in Maine — and most everywhere across the continent. So if you might help spread the word, perhaps we can avoid any awkward confrontations as we go about this wonderful citizen-research over the next couple of weeks.
If anyone has questions, please send them my way. Thanks!
Warm regards,— Bryan Pfeiffer
P.S. An essay and a few other links related to Monhegan Monarchs:

SAVE THE DATES for this year’s Ecology lectures

July 17 : Monhegan’s own Andrew Dalrymple will present information about climate change, sea level rise, the meadow aquifer and resilience as it applies to Monhegan. 7:30 pm  at the Schoolhouse

July 24: Dan Kittridge, executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association, will present “Nutrient Rich Food and Soil Health”. This should be of particular of interest to those who support our island farm, work their own gardens, and value nutrition. 7:30 pm at the Schoolhouse

July 31: Corey Nelson, a lifetime summer visitor and astronomy enthusiast returns to present his popular evening of Stargazing: Planets, Stars, and Galaxies. This presentation will start at 8:00 pm, with viewing at 8:30.

Aug. 8: Bryan Pfeiffer will present “The Audacity of Monhegan Migration”, which will focus on three of nature’s creatures: birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.7:30 pm at the Schoolhouse

All presentations are $5 for non-Monhegan Associates members, free for members and for children under 12

So many MAI happenings this week!

Wednesday 8/16:
Evening Lecture by Barry Logan at the Monhegan School House! Be there at 7:30pm to hear about a pressing environmental issue in Monhegan’s Forests.

Thursday 8/17:
Edison Day Festival
County Fair 11am-2pm at the ball field! Fun and games for all ages!
Evening Gala 5pm-7pm at the Cameron Cottage on Horns Hill! An evening of elegance and cocktails, hors devours, and a silent auction of fine Monhegan photography!

Friday 8/18:
Annual meeting of Membership, 7pm at the Monhegan School House.

Lecture Tonight!

Join us tonight:
7:30 pm at the school house
Join author, fruit explorer, orchardist, and cider maker David Buchanan for a discussion about early American apples and Maine’s hard cider revival. Every fall he drives the backroads of Maine, searching for bittersweet crabapples and abandoned heirloom trees. David will talk about his efforts to blend conservation with a small business, his search for unusual flavors, and his belief that local food, at its best, reflects our history and sense of place. See you there!