Officers and Committees 2017-18

Elected by the Trustees for a 1 year term

President**: Glenn Burdick (until August 2018)
President Elect: Fred Faller
Vice President: Richard Farrell
Treasurer: Bruce Kerns
Secretary: Ann Hughey

 Elected by the membership for a 3 year term
Morris FeibuschClare DurstDaniel Bates
Angela IannicelliChris KoerberFred Faller
Ben OdomEmily MorseRichard Farrell
Mary WeberPenny SmithJudy Grey
Emily Morse*
George Cabot
Bob Smith*Doug Boynton*Jes Stevens*
Glenn Burdick**Glenn Burdick** Glenn Burdick**Bruce Kerns
Karen CabotBruce KernsJudy GreyFred Faller
Richard FarrellFINANCEMatt HoltzmanBen Odom
Fred GreyGlenn Burdick* **
Lucia MillerClare DurstFUNDRAISING/
Charlie HudsonMorris FeibuschOUTREACHTRAILS
Kathie IannicelliBruce KernsEileen Cameron*Fred Grey*
Charles LymanBill HidellGlenn Burdick**Rick Cameron*
Iris MillerJaye MorencyChris NelsonGlenn Burdick**
Penny SmithBob SmithCarol BurdickMatthew Holtzman
Elizabeth SmithChris NelsonNan NelsonPenny Smith
Lillian HarrisFIRE AND SAFETYVictoria NelsonLillian Harris
Carol & Bob StahlJes Stevens*
Mott Feibusch
Chris Koerber
Stewart Way
MEMBERSHIPRichard Farrell
Linda Rae*Angela Iannicelli
Margot SullivanDavid SouleNancy SferraFred Faller
Judy McDonough

New committee members are almost always welcome. Please talk to one of the board members, listed above, to discuss how you might help us.

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