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and warm.Ecology lectures have a long history on Monhegan. Each year three or four talks are given in July and August, in the Schoolhouse, usually to overflow crowds. Entrance is free to members, $5 for non-members, less for students.

In the summer of 2016, the Series featured three excellent speakers; the talks were well attended.

On July 13th Chris and Lisa Lyman gave an informative talk entitled “The Honeybee Crisis and How We Can Help." We learned so much about the dedicated life of a bee keeper and about the problems and solutions involved in promoting healthy practices in the harvesting honey.

On August 10th our guest speaker was Deb Soule, the founder and current owner of Avena Botanicals. She has devoted her life to working with and understanding the healing benefits of medicinal plants. Her talk was entitled “Prepare for Fall with Herbal Tonics”.

On August 17th Dr. Sarah Kocher came up from Princeton, NJ and gave a fascinating talk entitled “The Remarkable Behavior of Bees”. She is an award winning scientist who studies the evolution of social behavior in bees and other insects.

For several years we have held a fund-raiser of Open Houses on the island - everyone wants to see how everyone else lives and Monhegan is full of interesting and historic homes.

The Island Farm is a project of island residents, on land around the village that once had been  cultivated. The Associates help them with space for greenhouses and vegetable gardens along the edge of the Meadow. All summer long, on Tuesdays, they sell their bounty.

Selling the Bounty

Tuesday Morning!

The Greenhouse