Monhegan is a small island ten miles off the coast of Maine. It has long been a destination for artists, birders, nature lovers, and tourists. It is also the home of a small but thriving year-round fishing community.

In the 1950s the Monhegan Associates was formed to preserve the land on the island which had not been developed up until that time (the “wild lands”) and since then has done what we can to preserve them, protect them from harmful invasives, and maintain trails for the public to enjoy. We sponsor ecology talks, children’s programs, and research projects, and work with groups such as MISCA and the Island Farm project to support the island as a whole.

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Welcome to Sterling Collins-Hill, MAI’s new Forest & Trails Steward

 Look for Sterling in town and on the trails starting in June when he will begin to work helping MAI fulfill its mission. He says:

I am excited to join the Monhegan community. I grew up in Maine and after working in conservation and forestry out West for a number of years I cannot imagine a better opportunity to immerse myself my home state’s culture and landscape. I look forward to the challenges associated with protecting one of Maine’s iconic places and working with its residents and guests to bolster the ecology of the island.




New Job Posting!

Monhegan Associates announces a new employment opportunity for a Forest & Trails Steward. See the attached job description for more information.

This job has now been filled. Thanks to all the applicants.

Invasive Species

Over the past several decades, invasive plants have been spreading throughout Monhegan. Over time, several invasive plants have managed to take hold in wild areas of the island and are threatening to outcompete native plants. Although the general policy of the Monhegan Associates is not to interfere with the natural processes that occur in the Monhegan wildlands, action has been taken in recent years to control the spread of invasive plants, as they are considered a threat to the health of the island’s ecosystems. READ MORE

Connect with us!

In 2005, Tom Truitt published the first Monhegan Connections to help all of us in matching names with faces. Joanne Scott has granted the Monhegan Associates, Inc. full copyright privileges. Hopefully, the next edition will be available in the spring of 2016.

Perhaps we will capture your photo at a meeting or along the road but we’d also like to have your photos. Periodically, we will have someone on the church lawn for an hour once during the week to take photos. A sign will be posted regarding the date & time.

If you would like to assist in taking photos, please contact Eileen Cameron @ 594-8040 or by e-mail at mjdame38@comcast.net or Clare (clare@briegull.com).

Spring is here (sortof)

Although nights are still freezing in parts of Maine, tiny shoots are coming up, the birds are returning, and the membership mailing containing last August’s meeting’s minutes and announcement of the Trustee candidates for next season is in the mail.

The on-line donation site has been updated. While you’re here, order a copy of the Nature Guide to take with you when you go out. Please note that the “epub” also offered is a sampling of the whole thing, and may still be a bit buggy. Please let us know(info@monheganassociates.org) know if you find problems with it.